I just thought I was going a bit somewhere, ladies what happened? We haven't talked for 2 weeks...

Me and this girl had been going out for a month (5 dates), I thought stuff was going really well we made out for a while at the end of every date after the second and always hung out for 3-6 hours per date and it was never awkward she always messaged me after saying she had a good time and all. However on 3 plannings of our dates she flopped, first time was our first date, I shrugged it off, second time which was 3 weeks later she didn't flop but said I forgot I made plans with friends but you should come along and I was upset and didn't go. And the last time (which was the final straw for me) she said she was really under the weather, but she always text-ed me during that week before to see what I was doing. After that I never msged her or called her, nor did she try to for me. When we never went out we never talked about how we felt about each other or anything, I'm not really that upset I just thought I was going a bit somewhere, ladies what happened? We haven't talked for 2 weeks...


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  • If your not upset then why the complaining? ;) She probably figd that your not making an effort to further the relationship than why should she. After the second time she flaked, you claim you were PO'D, then why didn't you let her know you were bothered? She's not a mind reader. If you want to pursue her than call her...from what I gather from your post, you expect her to chase u! The most exhilarating part of a relationship (whether it leads to friend zone, fwb, or a couple) is the chase! Women love the chase, we love feeling or being wanted! If you have good spidey-senses, after hanging out with her more than 3 times, u'll be able to pick up what she thinks of you as!

    So get off your a$$ and show some passion!

    • how old are you? Think logically it works both ways girl sorry.

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    • no I mean it's dumb on either side. Guys shouldn't stop showing interest like he did but neither should girls either. If I am putting in all the work doing all the initializing with texting or phone calls eventually I'm gonna start to slow down at some point and see if she will ever make an effort to reach out to me too and if not I assume she thinks I'm boring or something.

    • I can agree with that..Adam!

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  • if the guy stopped communicating with me I would thik he doesn't care just saying.

    • she flopped on me a couple times so that's why I stopped was I maybe to harsh?

  • She may have met somebody else.

    Could be she has so much attention from so many guys that she is overwhelmed with options.

    • that;s another possibility she's a good looking 20 year old with a hot body, and is SUPER friendly I think if anyone started talking to her she would continue the conversation

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  • Dump her and let her know why.

    Personally, flaking once is a deal breaker. How can you want to be with someone who has so little respect for your time...