Is he still keen? Dates cancelled.

Ok so me and this guy live two hours away from each other. The first weekend we met had a great night hooked up, he added me on Facebook and we ended up going on a date the following weekend which went really well. He texted me the next day to see how I was going. We texted later on in the week and organized to meet up that weekend. He ended up texting me the next day saying we would have to reschedule as he had to go away up north working and was sad that he didn't get to see me. I said that was completely fine and hoped that he had a good time away.

We then chatted the other night and he said he would love to catch up next when we were both free and I mentioned that I was going to be up his way on Sunday and that if he was free that he should pop down and we could go for a drink which he said he was defs keen for and would let me know.

Tonight we have been chatting and he has asked me what I'm up to this weekend and then finally told me he was busy working this weekend with a sad face. Even when I didn't reply back he messaged me again continuing the conversation but at this stage it looks like we won't be catching up this weekend which will make it three weeks since we last saw each other. We generally talk 3/4 times a week through text with both of us equally initiating contact.

We are both late twenties and I do know this time of year is busy for him work wise. I just feel maybe its not going to work out now due to us both being busy and living so far away from each other. =( he's such a nice genuine guy too!


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  • Stop messaging start calling. perhaps making a honest buck can truly be pains taking but you never know, he supporting a living through all end.. the fact he messaging & keeping in contact is a good sign..but you can always try..ull never know whts in stock for you :)


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  • I'm critical about distance relationships, but it's just my thoughts. Are you sure that he don't cheating you with another woman? But from what you said, I think he is interested in you and maybe it is true and he is busy. Anyway, I think you should continue to chat with him and wait from him the next step because he is trying to organize meeting but some reasons it's not happening. If he really wants - he will find a time and way to meet you.

    • No he's not cheating lol thanks for the reply. I think that is what I'm going to do. Wait it out =) He can make the next move.