If a guy cancels on you how can you tell if it's legitimate or not?

if a work emergency comes up when you have plans (he has his own business) and he leaves you several messages, voice mail and text, explaining and how sorry he is, and how he will make it up to you soon, do you think that's legitimate and he cares about you?

he also texted me to ask if I got his messages.

i know what his job is like and he gave me a whole explanation and I can tell he isn't lying.

do you think that the fact that he left me several messages and a voice mail means he actually cares about me/likes me and that is why he is trying so hard to explain himself, so I won't get mad?

he told me to let him know when I get the message so I texted him back. I know a lot of girls get mad I wasn't mad just disappointed because I really like the guy.

i told him I understand and it's okay and that I would have liked to see him so I hope we can reschedule soon. he didn't answer yet but I know he is going to be busy and he had kept saying "text you later" so I guess he will.

i definitely did not sound mad or overly emotional do you think I handled it well?
he texted me back again to make plans so we can get together. I asked him if he is glad to see me (because he always asks me that stuff and if I miss him) and he said of course he is. so I guess he was legitimate?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, of course.

    If he didn't care, he'd have either just blown you off and stood you up, or at the most, sent you one quick text and let it go at that.

    Clearly, this guy made a serious effort to contact you, and he obviously CARES that it might make you feel bad, and did what he could to make sure you knew it had nothing to do with you.

    As a business owner, I absolutely know what it's like to have a problem come up that you can't get out of. That is a very real thing, and you clearly know that. So realize that while being a business owner has its share of perks, it also occasionally has a downside, and this is one of them. He did everything anyone in that situation could be expected to do to make sure you understood and that your feelings weren't hurt. He did the right thing, and you need to recognize that.


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  • The answer to your questions is Yes. he does care about you alot. He doesn't want you to get mad because he had to cancel. most girls do get mad of sh*t like that. I think you knew the answer all along.

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