Has anyone actually found love on a dating site?

I found this guy on a dating site and I think we would really hit it off but I'm scared to activate my profile because I saw a few guys that I actually know that I don't like. I know I shouldn't care what they think but I do. :/


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  • Why not activate your profile, then upload pictures of yourself slightly blurred out. So no one will know its you.

    And if the guy you are crushing on wants to see your photo send it to him without the blur.

    You can still maintain your identity.


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  • Yeah, one of my coworkers has had a few fairly long relationships off a dating site, and another is married to someone off one.

    But you don't like see a profile and it magically works. I mean anything is -possible- but its unlikely.

    The guy I know who did the most dating, when active on a dating site would be contacting a dozen or more women every day, and going on 5+ first dates a week.


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