Do you think he'll remember come early next year?

A guy I met online and I have been in contact with each other for about two...two and a half months now. I decided to be bold.

Me: I know we've been texting for awhile even though I've been initiating most, if not all of them. I feel bad about that...I need to learn to back off. I also know that you're busy with school, work, farming and hanging out with your buds. I'm just wondering if your opinion of me has changed; if we're just texting buddies; & if we could ever meet up. If I'm driving you up a tree, just say the word & I'll try REAL HARD not to bug you anymore. I'm shy & pushy (never thought I would be) & I over analyze crap too much & need to stop!

Him: I think you're a lot of fun to text & always have something funny to say or show me. You're not driving me nuts. As for meeting, I'm not against it, it's just kinda hectic this time of year Because of all the things you mentioned.

Me: Yeah I figured...would you ever be up for it? Once it becomes closer to summer?

Him: I don't see why not!

Then we continued texting for two hours about trucks, bugs & funny videos!

Do you think he'll remember about trying to meet up next semester (year)? Or will I have to remind him again...? Do you think he was serious?


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  • if yall stay in constant contact as you say you do I think that it is possible he seems like he does try to talk to you even if he is bussy therefor just keep talking maybe when it gets closer to the next semester or whenever things calm down for him ask again see if anything changed or if you could hook up


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  • He'll probably forget about it, and you'll have to remind him. (Unless if he likes you)

    But yeah don't feel bad about texting, most guys don't initiate conversation as much as females. Why don't you try not texting him for a day or something and see if he texts you? Why don't you just tell him you like him, and then you get an answer that way?

  • when a convenient time comes for both of you, instead of reminding him, just suggest you do something. Like hey I saw a preview for this new movie coming out and since we never met up I think we should check it out

    -love Sosa

  • Yeah he doesn't sound at all interested in meeting up. Move on girl

    • wat makes you think that?

    • Well you said that you're normally the one who contacts him not the other way around. That's not a good sign. When you brought up meeting up he came up w a bunch of excuses then when you asked him outright he didn't seem that enthused. "I don't see why not!" is not a very positive sign. I wouldn't put much thought into this guy at all. There's other guys out there ya know who are gonna have a higher level of interest ya know?

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