Choosing between friends and lovers

This is just a survey I wanted to put up just to see girls and guys thoughts :-)

Your friends who you have known sense elementary days and been through thick and thin with don't like your significant other and don't like you with him/her and they are always talking bad on her/him and your lover who you have been committed to for at least four or five years don't like your friends either and is extremely fed up with you hanging with people who don't respect your relationship and ready for the two of you to move in together ...What would you do?

  • Id pick my friends they only want what's best for me boyfriends come and go
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  • Id pick my boyfriend I've been with him forever its hard to find someone that loves you and can comment to these days
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  • I wouldn't know what to do its a hard choice
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for pick B I meant to put girlfriend too sorry fellas lol ;-)


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  • if they're your friends, they'll accept your choice in men. if they can't just let you live and make your own decisions, then they're not looking out for you, they're just being rude. your boyfriend has every right to be mad if your friends are being disrespectful. just tell your friends that it's not fair that they're putting you in a position where you have to choose and that it's YOUR life, and if they can't deal with that, then screw them. but if they agree to just leave the subject alone, and your boyfriend doesn't get over it, then screw him. you can't make everyone happy and you shouldn't be caught in the middle.

    however, if you and your boyfriend have had issues and you've complained about it to your friends and they don't understand why you're still with him, then they have every right to be frustrated with your decision to stay with guy who's not good for you.


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  • wow very though and I know friends should come first but when I fall for a guy I fall hard so I voted B, at the end of the day when I have a boyfriend I spend more time with him than my friends who I hardly see (maybe once a week). Problems come if you ever split up because then you have noone. I hope I never have to make that decision-friends shouldn't make you choose and neither should your bf.

  • D: I would tell both parties to get over it and stay with my friends and my boyfriend.

    • But the whole point is they havnt gotten over it for years so someone is going to have to lose because neither are happy and just saying that will make one of them hold up the peace sign

    • Oh well. I wouldn't choose. I would tell both parties that they are not allowed to talk negatively about the other.