Why hasn't he asked me out on a second date?

I went out with this guy about two weeks ago now. He was the one who ask me out. We talked for hours, seemed to get along well. I thought it had all gone well. Only downside perhaps, he was getting a bit touchy by the end, I didn't shove him off but I didn't reciprocate back. It was nothing much, just arm around my back and what not but I'm just not into that stuff.

Anyway, I text him after saying I had a good time and we basically text everyday for the next week. He tended to message me around bed time, talking about his day and finishing with kisses. I told him I was going home on the weekend, he told me to have a good time. I then didn't hear from him for a few days when I got a message telling me he hoped I had a safe trip. I then haven't heard from him since and that was a couple of days ago. I'm starting to doubt if he's wanting to go out again.

What do you think is going on here? I'm not the most experienced dater and frankly, I'm confused... Thanks!

Oh! And he also knows I have exams on...He's wished me good luck and stuff :)


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  • Well it depends on how long ago that he didn't text? And you shouldn't doubt yourself just yet. If he's not making the effort to communicate then he's probably waiting for you to make a move or he might not be interested. I suggest that you strike up a conversation to see what he's up to, get up to date and go from there. As a guy I kind of give space to girls to let them enjoy their time and what not but I'd like to frequently check from time to time. Maybe not so often to not be annoying but once in awhile is fine. Guys tend to do that just cause they don't want to feel too clingy and seem like they depend on girls too much. It's just a habit.

    • Well I heard from him about 3 days ago. Before that there was two days between his messages. (I swear I'm not a crazy stalker haha...) I just found it odd he went from texting every day to having gaps of a few days between messages. Thanks for your help though!

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    • Hmm...fair enough. I might text him then. Thanks again!

    • Of course! Any time. Wishing you the best of luck!

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  • u didn't reciprocate...now its not like I'm telling you to have sex..but you didn't playfully flirt with him..he concluded you were stiff as a stick, didn't enjoy the date & thus you showed that you where not interested...want to make it up? call him & schedule another stop waiting..TAKE THE INITIATIVE RATHER :)

  • He thinks you were being polite, but sending him the message you weren't very interested in him since you didn't like the touching, and then apparently you haven't contacted him, just waited for him to pick up the conversation.


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