How long should I accept a guy dating other people before I know it's just not going to be me?

I have been friends with this guy since August. There was never anything physical b/w us until Halloween-ish. We just kind of went with it, and still are. We like each other and we are trying to be honest with each other. I know he met someone a few weeks ago and is going on a date this weekend.

Of course I don't like it (I keep that to myself). It's not like we are exclusive and he has every right to meet other people if he chooses. I guess I wonder how long does it really take a guy to realize whether he likes a girl or not. Eventually I should be able to tell that it's just not going to be me.

I don't want to be a sucker, but I also want to be fair.


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  • Depends on the guy. Depends on you.

    Halloween was just a couple weeks ago...

    But since it's all out on the table now (going physical), you are (technically) in a position to call him out. If you wanted to. My intuition says things aren't gonna go your way, regarding him, but it's such a tiny snapshot to work with. Depends how long ago this "other" date was set up... Then again I've never understood the continued "playing the field" obsession when you've found someone really interesting. Best of luck :)

    • Thanks. I have never understood it either. I have never been capable of finding more than one person interesting in that way at any one time. But that's just me. It really makes me feel inadequate, second fiddle, used, not taken seriously. My intuition tells me to just walk away. Just sucks that I ruined a friendship, but sucks even more how he obviously doesn't care how he makes me feel.

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