What's up with him? He acts like he likes me but won't hang out with me

There's this guy I work with that I like! He's always looking at me, messing with me, touching me, and we always talk! I got his number last night and I texted him saying if he didn't have anything planned this weekend then maybe we could hang out, and I still haven't got a reply! He's kinda shy but we are always talking, and I figured he would at least wanna hang out. I don't get it! There's other guys that work with me that are always asking me out but I don't really like them...only him! He's deaf if that may mean anything! I feel like such a loser right now for even texting him, did I make things worse? Any advice?


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  • he doesn't like you enough


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  • He might have a girlfriend, so he's spending his time with her on the weekends and that's why he's not following through with seeing you. He could be spending time with friends/family too. You're just not important enough to him.

    It's happened to me before. It was a guy I worked with too. We texted each other flirting all the time and then I found out through someone that he has a girlfriend. He doesn't know that I found out. I backed off a bit, but we still text occasionally. Our relationship is definitely more professional now, but I know we're still really attracted to each other..

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