Guys- would this explanation for why a girl won't have sex with you be a turn off?

This guy who I knew for a while and went on a date with told me he wanted to be my first time (as I'm a virgin).

The thing is, I've never been able to put in a tampon, so I don't think sex will be a thing for me in the near future. If any guy I date in the future says something along those lines to me, can I be honest and say 'listen, I can't even put in a tampon, so I don't think a d*** is going to fit'? I feel like saying that would be total over share and a turn off, but it's the truth.

So, can I say this to a guy or no?

Guys, what would be your response?


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  • Guys love virgins, he wouldn't be turned off that's for sure

    • Apart from being a virgin, You wouldn't be turned off hearing a girl allude to her menstral cycle?

    • no, why would we unless we are that mature

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  • I honestly would think you were bullsh*tting me. I would not believe it could be that small.

    But you don't have to give a reason.

  • Can't get a tampon in? Have you ever spoken to your doctor about that? That seems abnormally small?

    • My gyno said I'm just very tight. Anyway, if you propositioned a girl and she told you this with complete sincerity, would you be turned off and think it was TMI?

    • I think she was just trying to be honest, which is a good thing. Part of my male self would also want to show her that fingering/oral/sex doesn't have to hurt if you go slowly and let her control things at first. I'm an average size guy, about 6" long and with regular girth. I wouldn't go around pounding you like I'm drilling for oil! Basically, at the point at which you felt like we could become intimate, I'd try and be careful. I am happiest when the girl is happy too. :)

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