Would he be upset about that for some reason? Confused on what happened??

4 months ago I was approached at a karaoke bar by a guy and we've since became friends. He flirts a lot with me, always dances with me and lately kissed me. He's assisted me around the house with repairs as well. However, the last 3 weeks he's been very distant and I asked him if he was mad at me for some reason and he said 'no, I'm fine babe' and kissed me but hasn't talked to me since. I did send him a innocent sweetest day text message that said - happy sweetest day, hope your days sprinkled with all kinds of happy. Would he be upset about that for some reason? Just confused on why we'd go from being so flirty and friends to like we never knew one another. Any advice would be nice...thanks

Saw the guy last week and he had noticed I tried to call him and asked what I had wanted - I just said I was checking to see if he was mad/upset with me. He said No why...I told him he'd been quiet latley and he said me quiet that is odd for me, huh. I told him yea that's why I couldn't figure him out. He said no he's fine and then dancced with me later that night. Men are so hard to understand...


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  • He's probably upset over nothing that has to do with you.