If the only flaw with her was her looks..

If the only thing not great with her was her looks, would you still date the girl? Like say she wasn't good looking if you saw her in jeans and a top, but she looks pretty when she dresses up. She's a little overweight, but she knows what her goal is and working towards that figure. She has a great personality and she was a truly genuine girl. Would you date her or friend-zone her because of her looks?

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  • im more of a "face" guy than a "body" guy...so if her face is kissable (as in I can kiss her w/o hesitation), and she isn't bigger than I am (im a large stature guy so that's hard to do), I'd date her.

    I voted "A".


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  • If I don't find her face attractive, my top criteria, I just can't imagine myself dating her. She don't need to be like a supermodel, just pretty enough that I like what I see. Still be friends of course.

  • I'd date. I'm not a shallow f*** like the rest of the world.

  • I would need to find her attractive in order to date her. I voted A because I consider most girls I see during the day as attractive.

  • I would go on a date and see if it's worth it.

  • Unfortunately I would friend zone.

    Physical attraction is something I need in a relationship. I can easily get physical with an average looking girl but once weight is an issue I unfortunately lose attraction big time. I can't even hook up with someone who has extra weight.

  • Friend-zone, because I have to be attracted and it is mean to pretend to like a girl as more than a friend when you don't really find her beautiful. I would keep her in the friend-zone at least until she lost the weight. Being overweight is a total attraction killer for me.


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