Another one of "Guy cuddles but doesn't kiss me, why?!" :)

Hey y'all,

So, I met this guy. He goes to college with me and I first talked to him a few weeks ago, when another "new" friend of mine introduced us.

Back then I already thought he kind of seemed interested in me: He kept staring at me and asking a lot of (personal) questions, many of them like "Is there something going on between you and XY?" (though a little more charming ;)).

Last week, he started texting me on Facebook, which culminated in us going to a lecture together on Thursday. After that, he told me he had to wait over an hour for his bus, so I invited him over for tea, which he accepted. We sat together and talked and laughed, and at one point he took my cell and sent a text to his, which confused me at first, but I guess that was his way of getting my number?

He then texted me right away after leaving, one thing led to another, and I invited him over again (passively, as he kinda asked) for some wine yesterday. We drank and watched a movie, and at some point he took my hand and held it. And somehow, there being alcohol and all, we went from handholding to full-body cuddling and stayed like that for quite some hours, just lying in bed and relaxing.

Now what confuses me... I did catch him looking at my mouth quite a few times, but he never did actually kiss me. He left around 4 AM with the same hug as the day before, and didn't text me again til now..

Also, I did hear some friends describing him as a 'womanizer', though I'm not sure how serious they were. I joked around with that a little yesterday, and he went with it and said that now I was Ms. Friday, but only for the next four weeks because of the monthly cycle and blah.. :D And around the end I asked him what he was doing (here and cuddling), to which he answered something like 'I don't know.. did you never do that, just acting without thinking?'...

So. I'm really confused. What does that sound like to you? It'd be really sad if that was some scam to get me into a friends with benefits thing, like I read around here in earlier posts. But if you think so, I'd be really thankful to know (and be prepared :/) :)

Hope you still want to answer after such a long post.

Thank you all in advance! :)


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  • He just sounds shy and or doesn't want it to move to fast so you get the wrong idea. Just take it slow and see where it goes.

  • its very read but still I its ok...y he hd not kiss you ccoz only he knws ds..


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