FOR GUYS: Are you still likely to contact a girl after she refused to answer your text messages?

We are practically not in a relationship but we have established a special bond for nearly a year.

About a week ago, I refused to answer his texts after he made a lame excuse. He texted me around five times asking me what's wrong but I chose to keep silent and refused to answer his msges Because I was really hurt. After that, I never heard from him again. If you are the guy, what are the chances you'll contact me again? How long should I wait before I can tell he's never coming back?


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  • Chances are he is not coming back. You just sent him the message you don't want to talk to him or hear from him again. I would try contacting him asap abd explain why you ignored him. And when this happens again, talk to the guy about it. If he is worth it, talk about it and he will listen to you and apologize for whatever he did. If you need space for a few days, tell him that at least, then discuss it with him in a few days. Because the whole silence thing really confuses us big time. And we start to wonder if we re being played, the girl doesn't like us anymore, or is she just mad? Communication is so important. Sometimes we do something hurtful and don't know it. We neef to know we did something hurtful, so we don't do it again. Because some guys do care how you feel and want to make you feel better.

    • Thank you, I did just that and it went well ;-)

      Thanks too for all those who answered, you gave me all the general idea which I found helpful ;-)

      Thanks guys!

    • You welcome. All you gotta do is communicate. The cold shoulder can look real sketchy to us guys. And some guys will keep texting you out of desperation but some like me do so because we actually care and trying to prove that to the girl by making every effort to right a wrong and being therefor her.

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  • I'd give it another week befoer I really worried. It's possible he is just busy wth something; After a year, would he just walk away without any word of farewell?

    Lame excuse..for what..? Being late to a wedding, or a court date?

    He will contact you at some point to explain his silence.

  • No, I generally have a 3 strikes rule,

    1st ignore... maybe she could be busy will try later in the day.

    2nd ignore... maybe she is feeling awkward, let a few days past.

    3rd ignore... it's time to move on she isn't the only fish in the ocean.

  • We are all differerent...some would and some would not...I probably would not...


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  • I hate being ignored so much that I refuse to do the proper thing and take the hint and go away. It is confusing because it makes you wonder if they just aren't interested anymore or if they are hurt. So I get upset with the person for not being mature enough to communicate.

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