Will he be offended I've already started to look for new guys?

My boyfriend broke up with me this last week.. We hadn't been dating long (just a little over a month). He said he liked me, but I just wasn't the "the one" and that he doesn't want to become emotionally invested in someone who he doesn't think is the one...

So anywho, it has been almost a week and I've already been out to meet new people. I feel bad though.. I'm honestly still pretty upset from the loss and it probably isn't quite right to start a full relationship, but maybe just to date around?

He was an amazing guy, but he had some intense quwarks that in the long run I couldn't have dealt with. No fruits, veges, alcohol, coffee, no saying I miss you, doesn't like perfume, doesn't wear cologne, doesn't like lace material etc.

Anywho, I just don't want to run into him when I am with a new guy... would that totally give him the wrong idea? He did break up with me...

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  • Honestly who cares? This guy dumped you, so what can he really say about you meeting other people? Good for you for trying to move on. I dated a guy who was really picky, about stupid things like me drinking chocolate milk, and other things that shouldn't be important things in a relationship.

    You should be happy, and if going out and meeting people helps to heal the pain then I think you shouldn't feel bad.

    He said you weren't the one and if that is truly how he feels I don't think he can really blame you for trying to find someone who you are more compatible with.

    Running into your ex, well it happens. I have run into mine before, and all you do is play it cool. Act as if things are going well, keep the conversation short and get out of there. Who cares if you ex thinks it's too soon for you. I say good for you for going out there and trying to be happy.

    He broke up with you and lost all claims to telling you who you can and cannot see. So if you want to go out, go out. Don't worry about seeing him. If anything he should be worrying that he let you go and now you are able to get out and find someone better! :D


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  • And if he is, who cares! He dumped you, he lost any rights to insisting you not be with other men. Look for a new man, life is too short.

    Why are you worried, you think he might be violent or something?

    • I just don't want to hurt his feelings. He broke up with me because he didn't think I was the one... but still liked me! That had to have been hard.

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    • aww, I know, I know. I don't pretend it's easy.

      You just really have to move on. You can feel this way about another man, I promise you. I can't say when you'll find him, but you will be loved again.

    • Aw thanks. I hope so. He was probably the most selfless person I have ever met... but something was just always off between us. Even I admit he wasn't quite the one... but he was pretty awesome. You're right though, it's not easy. I don't know how to make this healing process faster. I do think it would be easier if we talked, but he doesn't want to at all

  • it seems as though you didn't break up with him.. and why should you care, since he wants you as a spare, keep him as a spare too and get into a real relationship

  • One month is no big deal and anyone that is not loving the lace is insane.

    • I know right? crazy

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    • gotcha

    • :P

  • HE broke up with you so who cares what he thinks. he would have no right to be jealous, hurt or whatever. find another man.

    • lol I guess. he broke up with me because he didn't think I was "the one" and he's only dating to find "the one." he thought our relationship got too physical because he didn't want to be emotionally open to me anymore.

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  • Just a month? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he will not be offended if you are already seeing another guy. Anyways he dumped YOU, so it does NOT matter at all what he thinks.

    • I guess so. yeah, I just feel bad.. he was just such a great guy. I hope I can find better :/

    • Trust me, you can. He is the jerk that broke up with you, just remember that.

    • hmm good point... trying to remember that ha