Guys, first time dates, what do you notice?

Guys, when you are out with a girl for the first time, what are some of the things you notice about her?

Hair, smile, the way she's dressed, make-up (too much too little). How about personality?

What is the most common mistake from girls that you witness?


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  • Smile and personality mostly. Most problem mistake is the girl doesn't talk

    enough and expects me to do all the talking. I know some guys will say some girls talk too much. But, I like to learn about who I'm dating. I mean probably the personality is the big thing as were thinking about is: Is she nice or is she a manipulative b****? or is she going to appreciate/respect me or string me along as just another guy and waste my time? Or is she trustworthy? Appearance is what initially attracts guys, once your going out you've already done that so personality becomes more important. Being overly critical, secretive, controlling, manipulative, dismissive, sometime neediness, will drive a guy right away.

  • looking for her actions. eye contact, smile, body language-like does she turn toward me, lean toward me. interaction. does she touch me on the arm when she laughs. and yeah. does she laugh. really how she is dressed, and makeup are not as interesting. I have already decided she is hot to me before we are out together. I am looking for feedback. hopefully positive. make sense?


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