Why do you think he texted me?

i Haven't spoken to him in 2 years. I didn't even have his number saved anymore. we made some small talk but I ended up asking all the questions and he had like 4 word responses...it was weird to me..like why text me


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  • I am just guessing - but when I think about girls who I knew from a few years ago, I just have fond memories of the fun common experiences we had together (e.g. classes, performing at shows etc.). We often subconsciously try to recreate our youth - no one likes to admit they're getting older.

    I'm not sure why he gives such short responses, that seems a bit rude though I think 80% of society is rude in such ways.

  • He most likely was skimming through old numbers and called or texted anyone that he thought would call or text back. He is lonely.


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