Why don't more guys judge girls based on money?

It seems like a lot of guys don't care how much money or education a girl has when deciding to date her. I know men are mostly about looks and the visual, but don't they realize that money is important too? Most women I know with respect for themselves wouldn't meet a guy who had nothing to bring to the table (money wise) and begin dating him, but would most guys?


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  • Women don't respect men that earn less than them, that's the bottom line. They may say they do, but in honesty, they don't. Thatt's why they'll say things like "men are scared by smart women". No we're not scared, you just don't want us if you make $80k a year and we make $40k. Women aren't all gold diggers, that being said, most women look down on guys who make less than them. It isn't so much that men don't factor in what a woman makes, we just know that she'll most likely resent us for being "not as good as her".

    It would be like when a girl stops taking care of her body or looking good, the guy will not respect or love her as much. A man's ability to bring home the bacon is why women get married most of the time, to a strong degree. I'm not saying that love doesn't come into it, but you don't see too many women rushing out to marry broke guys. The ones that do marry broke guys tend to the medical or law students that will have good future income potential later in life. A woman's love of a man is largely based upon what he can do for her in the financial sense.

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  • That's because most women don't spend a lot of money on most men. I've been on a lot of dates in my time, and I'd estimate that 10% of women offered to even split the tab on a first date. Simply put, what a girl makes or doesn't make matters very little if she doesn't think she has to contribute. Most girls, especially in the dating stage, expect the man to pay.

    Now, if it comes to a long-term relationship or marriage, that's something different. Some guys do put some weight on income potential, but it is also factored in along with looks, personality and so forth.

    There's also the issue that most girls really want men who earn more than them, and those men are getting harder to come by due to more women taking the higher paying jobs than they used to. There can only be so many people taking the top spots, and when more women take them, there's less equally or greater wealthy men they can date/marry up with. That means a lot of the women at the top end up single.

    They've actually done studies that when the woman earns a lot more than the man, the divorce rate goes way up. When the man earns a lot more than the woman, the divorce rate goes down. You could argue left and right as to why that is, but I think that a lot of women have a hard time admitting that they respect men who can bring home the bacon more than when the woman is making more. I think that's mostly biological in nature, but partly cultural as well.

  • Sure, we judge girls based on how much they care about our money.

    We use a 1-4 scale.

    4: Cares about our golf handicap more than anything else, because a low handicap means we have money for a coach and club membership. She knows our handicap but not our name.

    3. Cares about our sailboat's name, but can't remember ours. They identify the boat with money

    2. Cares about the make and model of our car but can't remember our name. See above

    1. All other girls not included above. These days, we only meet 1's if we're outside the US, basically.

  • Girls reduce men from human beings to human doings. For a man to find love, a man has to do, while a woman simply has to be. It's honestly one of the most f***ed up things about society. Men are judged by what they have and women are judged almost solely based on their looks.

    • I totally got the best answer here, you should totally give it up lol

  • A girl who brings money to the table?

    Useful? Sure.

    But it's definitely not why we want you around.

  • good point but a guy figures that is his thing. and the girl is sexy hot. we do not see her the same way. we should maybe. but our balls do not think that way.


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  • I think it depends what kind of person you're looking for. Maybe guys like taking care of their women? Or maybe they just don't talk about it as much?