Could it just be a misunderstanding?

I was meant to go out with a guy yesterday. We agreed we'd met up. He had some other things to do, and said approximately what time he'd be done. He told me to call him around that time so we could sort something out. I told him he should call me, cause he didn't know exactly what time he would be done. He said yes. Yesterday came and went, never heard from him and still haven't. Do you think he misunderstood me and thought I wasn't interested in a second date? Or just very rude... ? Should I call him? He was late to our first date too, but I did find him charming otherwise...


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  • Forget his lame ass

    • Thank you my friend for BA

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  • He might just have been too busy to meet yu, so didn't call. Maye he didn't think he needed to call just to tell you he was too busy!

    • But if you make it clear to someone that you'll be spending the afternoon with them, isn't it then a little rude to not send a text saying you won't be able to do anything? I am in my right to be mad, aren't i? If he had text saying he was busy I'd have been fine with that.

    • Yes, but maybe he thought you'd just conclude he was too busy, since he had told you he wasn't sure when he'd be free..he didn't think he needed to tell you he was busy again!

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  • Maybe you could just send a flirty text saying something along the lines of what happened to you? Lol or hey just seeing if everything is ok?

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