Do you think he still likes me and wants to date?

I met this guy 3/4weeks ago on a dating site the first time we were meant to meet it didn't go ahead as he was off late from work and couldn't get to the bank . He rang the next day to meet up but I was busy and the next week I was busy and I'd forgot he was and texted him then this weekend we were finally both free. We were meant to meet at 5pm ended up being 7pm he rang a few hours to say as he didn't want me hanging around waiting. We met up it felt natural when we spoke the conversation flowed . We didn't event talk about everything there's still a lot we could've spoke about . We were both engaged and he was really polite. He seemed engaged in the conversation always smiling and started like puffing out his chest occasionally. We had to end it after an hour or two something with his brother or mother he had to go an talk on the phone a couple of times to sort it out. He told me about it. He told me when he was free on Wednesday and if I was and I would be. He waited with me at the bus stop when the bus came he leaned in for a kiss I think I didn't realize until after and just gave him a hug. I think he kissed my cheek. He's 24 I'm 19. It felt like it went good. . We clicked very well. Was it bad that I hugged instead of kissing when he leaned in?I texted saying "Thanks for yesterday had a good time hope we can do something like it again soon" Was this ok?He didn't reply though maybe it didn't need one? Will I see on Wednesday if he texts me since he said "I'm free Wednesday if you want to meet?" or is he expecting me to text on Wednesday to see?


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  • If he were interested, he would have been all over that one: he would've said, Sure! Let's do something Wednesday! I hope you hear from him soon, though rule of thumb: wait for him to text you after the first date...don't jump the gun. It sounds like he wasn't "fully present" on your date. I mean, he was there physically, but he sounds like he had "better" things to do...i.e. pushing the time you're supposed to meet up around, picking up phone might not be anything to take personally, maybe he's just not in a good place to date right now. But whatever the reason behind his actions, it doesn't sound like he's that into continuing to date.

    • Oh he was he got held back in work. Then at the date he was really engaged but then something with his brother and mother was going on and he had to sort it out he told me what was happening. Then when it ended earlier he mentioned he was free on Wednesday if I wanted to meet again.

    • see the part of my answer, "it might not be anything to take personally, maybe he's just not in a good place to date right now," seeing as he hasn't replied to your text. If he has replied, that's awesome, enjoy it. You won't really know if he's interested in seeing you again until he replies, or if he doesn't at all. You could try texting him one more time to see if he's free, but if he still doesn't say anything, then your'e done.

    • Yeah I'll text on Wednesday and ask if he's still free.