Guys, if you slept with a girl on the first night, why would you keep dating her?

I slept with the guy I've been dating on the first night and we've been on three dates since then. He's always the perfect gentleman and pays for everything; I really enjoy his company, and like him a lot...the kicker is that we're not physical at all! Like, not even kissing at this point!

He keeps asking me out, and I keep texting him, so things seem to be going OK; but I don't understand why he would continue to be interested in hanging out but not sleeping with me! I want to spend the night with him again :C I dressed extra seductively last time, attempted to talk him out of his plans later in the evening, but no such luck...I've never had this problem before!

I may or may not have made him insecure on that first night. I wasn't an a**hole, but I'm very comfortable with myself and skills, and I refused to do certain things (like blow him, let him go without a condom), but it was otherwise a good time.

He travels a lot to different places during the week; he's only ever in town for a night or two, so I'm not sure how he could be juggling other girls and "getting it elsewhere."

Thoughts on what's going on here? Thanks.


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  • Because I think she's awesome and want to continue to be with her. We slept together on our first date, and six years on we are still happily married.

    Just because there's sex soon doesn't mean a guy hates the woman lol. Just means there's strong sexual chemistry, which CAN, I repeat, CAN COEXIST with the guy still liking a girl for more than sex.


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  • Maybe you did intimidate him? Obviously he likes you or he wouldn't keep you around... maybe you aren't as good in bed as you think you are and he didn't enjoy it?

    • Mm I'm pretty solid that he had a wonderful time. He could barely control himself. If he weren't interested in the possibility of sex, why would he keep dating me?

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    • Yes, I understand that in a relationship, sex is (eventually) innevitable, but it shouldn't be the only reason for a relationship.

      Men stick around women all the time, when the girl will just think they're "friends". The guy might not be getting any at all, but he'll still stick around for the chance that it might happen someday. Guys can be patient, sometimes guys can wait a lifetime and still not have sex with a girl they obviously want to be with.

    • Glad to hear guys can be patient hahah.

      Though I am confused as to where in this line of discussion you got the impression I was only interested in sex...I am concerned because it's not there when I'm totally into a relationship emotionally.

  • probably not... guy gets what he want the first time out and that's all he wanted... you're done... take more pride in yourself... don't make yourself too accessible if he's worth it and is a good guy... he'll hang in there. If you're out for a quick roll in the hay... and he satisfies that then there's no problem you both got what you want.

    • Um, what I'm saying is that this is happening to me; I'm not asking "if it will happen." He is still dating me but not sleeping with me, so I'm wondering what's going on in his head.

  • Maybe he likes you for more than just sex.


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  • It sounds like he likes you and wants to get to know you better and does not want this to be just a sex thing. He will sleep with you again just don't try to push for sex and when he is ready he will.