What CULTURAL reasons do you have for not dating any particular race?

When it comes to interracial dating, the cold hard truth is that some people don't interracially date not because they're not attracted to anyone of that race...it's because of the high probability of "cultural differences".

So my question to all of you is...if there is one race of people that you tend to not date, or are less open to date vs other races, what cultural traits / aspects keep you interracially dating with that particular race?

Feel free to go anonymous if you so choose since I know this can be a sensitive and controversial topic.

Answer as detailed as you wish.


P.S. Feel free to guess the Pokemon! :-P


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  • I don't have any cultural preferences when it comes to dating or being friends with. I like and respect all cultures as long as it doesn't involve oppressing me or my gender which I think many cultures don't do anymore. Although it would be a tad difficult to date someone who is extremely religious.

    And by the way, It's Spinarak. :)


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  • I would not want to have to give up certain things to keep from disrespecting his culture and vice versa.

  • No cultural reasons, I just have physical preferences of who I am attracted to.

    I usually end up dating Latino men though.

    • so is it fair to say that you will date any race of guy you are overall attracted to?

    • Yes. I've dated white guys, half french half dominican, full Latino, half Latino. Haven't dated an Asian man or a black man yet, but I've been attracted to all races.

  • A lot of white Americans tend to be judgmental and have a superiority complex and bias against blacks so I wouldn't date one. Plus culturally we would be to different. We like different foods, movies and stuff like that.i'm not white washed, I'm proud of my culture so I'm not the type who sucks up to anyone


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