Will he ever text me again?

this guy texted me kinda late at night he was at a party. so we texted for a bit, but I said to have a nice night, cause he sounds like he is having fun. he said no he wants to talk to me that why he texted. I said OK but I'm getting sleepy cause it was passed midnight. I asked about the party and he never answered.

Will he never text me ever now. he has been on fb. this guy said he wanted to get to know me more. Does anyone know why he didn't answer?

did I do something wrong any advice?


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  • just be patient, you probably made him mad but he will get over it, or you could try texting him first.

    • it was like one am. I just I could talk for a bit, and asked him how his night was :(

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    • Calm down, people get mad its not that big of a deal. you will know he's over it when he starts texting you again

    • Ok thank you for your help. I'll wait for him to text me

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  • just be patient, wait about a week or so, if you don't hear from him at all in the next week then I'd say he doesn't want to talk. you didn't do anything wrong.

    • DO you think he was pissed off I wanted to sleep.. I said Iwould talk for a bit but it was past midnight.