How long til we can be friends after dating?

I dated the most amazing guy and our relationship ended on a good note... he broke up with me and we both realized we had had chemistry at the beginning and then it faded. It was sad for both of us because we were both good people, but we did want different things and we both agreed the love was lost.

How long til we can be just friends? I feel like we can hang out and have a good time as friends... but I wonder what he thinks. I mean, he did break up with me... so he probably doesn't care anymore, right? or would seeing me be hard for him? idk. I think we could do it.

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Might I add we were never in love. we dated a month and a half...


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  • he does care, I mean even if love was lost, you still have history. go for it

    -love Sosa

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