Should I just forget about him?

Ive been messing around with this Taurus guy ever since I was 18 years old now I'm 21 we been basically just having sex and chilling and

and I only have sex and chill with him so he's all I know and I've asked him am I his only one and he actually said yes I don't know why but I kinda sorta believe yea I start liking him a lot and its seem he likes me to we text each other every other day until 2 weeks ago he started acting weird and been making up excuses to come over my house and stopped texting me I texted him 3days ago at 7pm and he didn't text me back until 10pm...and usually he text me back quick ...hes just been really distant from is he not interested anymore tired of me?I really really like him and want to get

serious with him Is it something he's hiding or I don't know I'm totally confused help please? I mean.i know he's not my boyfriend but he knows I like him I told him b4 and he says he likes me too but he doesn't wanna make time for me anymore he like tired of me? Please help lol


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  • If he was interested in you for something more than sex you two would have been a couple by now...3 years is a LONG time to be messing around with.

    • Crazy rite? and this year I started liking him since we staredt hangin out with out sex I stRt likin him more and it seem the same way with him but now he's just givin me the cold shoulder I like him so much I matured over the years and I can tell he did too..i don't even know if I have a chance with him anymore

    • Honestly my advice to you is to just forget about him. He isn't interested in anything more than sex, he's made that obvious. Another piece of advice is to try and use proper grammar, it's a way to show the world just how mature you really are. Best of luck.

    • Completely agree.

  • In addition to the grammar comment before, an well articulated girl is super sexy. Learn to grammar and you shouldn't have a problem with finding another guy.


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