How do I tell her that I don't date Catholics?

Now, before going off, and saying don't hold grudges against a religion, or be prejudice. It isn't that at all. I've always accepted all religions, and every single race.

Within the last few years of my life. I've dated quite a few catholic women, and noticed many trends that have caused issues by the general practices of Catholicism. It's not a generalization, but just things that are taught within their Church is something I am not for. I am a non-denominational Christian, and have many friends that are Catholics, but just do not care to date.

I've recently have been seeing a girl who is catholic, and even though she is an amazing woman. The same basic principles from Catholicism comes out on occasion, and is something I want to step back from. How can I kindly tell her that it isn't her issue of who she is, but a religious thing that I do not care to been involved with.

Again, I'm trying to get an answer of how to be honest, but yet kind. Not wanting her to think I hate or dislike Catholics. Which is not the issue at all. It is more towards that I am not one to date someone who is associated with that religion, but would continue to be friends.

(Side Note: I have dated many religions outside of Christianity. So, it is not an issue of wanting to date only another fellow non-denominational christian, or just a christian in general (I've dated Hindu, Buddhist, Atheists, Muslim, and etc.. and this was not an issue). Just the facts that I'm not interested in dating Catholics.)


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  • The only thing you can say is, "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in dating a Catholic."

    Also, to admit to yourself that you're not as open minded as you want to be. It's OK ... nobody really is.

    • You may be right. Every other type of religion doesn't seem to have caused issues, but it's more towards the rulings of Catholicism, but I can see your point. I'm guessing that may just the one religion that I am not open minded too lol.

    • I didn't say that based on you not wanting to date her, but more about your ample justification of it. Not dating someone isn't unkind -- it frees them up to date someone who is better suited for them.

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  • Say exactly what you have just told a million other people. That you had some past experience and it has been an issue and you don't want to take it further and complicate things because it will inevitably be an issue. Just assure her that you respect her faith and you definitely think she is great but that it just wouldn't work between you two in a romantic relationship.

  • Well if you like her as a person, just give it a go, don't turn her down because you've had a few bad experiances :)


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  • Im Catholic and although I would prefer to date a catholic girl, I'm open to dating any protestant. just tel her straight up I guess?

    • I'm assuming I may have to. Just trying to go upon the issue without thinking I'm against being Catholic. Which is not the case at all. Thanks for the advice, and I agree.