How can I improve myself in the dating scene?

I'm not doing really well in this sector lately and it's starting to get to me. I was born shy but up to a few months ago, and coming out of a rather intimate and strong relationship, I managed to develop a decent set of social skills. I had many girls in my social circle and I was getting less hesitant to talk to girls I didn't know. I decided to focus on my studies this summer to balance some shortcomings, something which seems to have taken a toll on those skills. I'm suddenly shy again and I believe I'm also getting sexually desperate, which is a feeling I really hate because I prefer putting romantic things first rather than drooling over any hot girl. I get very stressed and self-conscious around girls in public places (especially close-quarters in the bus) and this isn't helping at all. I think I get some stares every now and then but I tend to get very frustrated when I look at a girl and she doesn't reciprocate!

My confidence is also oscillating. While I feel much smarter because of doing better in Uni, I'm losing faith in my dating potential if I may call it. I don't know, I've been told that I'm handsome but I'm also baby-faced and I hate it! I do workout a lot because of unforgiving kickboxing classes yet I feel that the little extra belly fat I have is getting in the way. I can also be funny and witty but my low confidence around girls kills it and I find myself saying totally un-funny things and mumbling, effectively screwing the conversation.

I'd really like this self-made bad luck to stop. I love being around girls both for romantic/sweet and sexual reasons, but I feel I'm getting more nerdy than manly! So, I request mostly the help of girls to turn this situation around!

Thank you!


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  • Get a new hair cut, and a new style, start to contact your guy friends and go out with them just so you are doing something more social.


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