Is he leading me on?...and what about his "friend"?

I've been talking to this guy for about 2 months. We met oddly in the drive thru at a fast food joint. That night, we stayed on the phone until 3am and went for drinks after work the next day. Since then, we've gotten close...too close because we've had sex. We don't go out much, mostly because of our schedule--but I can say that I feel like anytime I have any issues (like I had a problem because we don't go out), he listens and tries to address the issues. I guess I feel vulnerable because I slept with him and I'm catching can I tell if he really likes me or if he just wants a fling. We've discussed this and he says that we're working towards building a relationship...I guess I'm just concerned that we really have a relationship now, so when is too long to wait for him to express a commitment? Also, he has a girl friend from college, which (thru facebook), we found out is a distant relative of mine and went to middle school with me. He spoke of her as a "sister" type and there are pics on her page with them and the captions read "brother and sis"---but I found out they slept together a year ago. I know it was more than once-and he says it's nothing and they agreed it was too much for their friendship...should I trust him?

I'm all confused. I feel like once I catch feelings, my judgment goes down the drain...which is why I should left sex out of it. Please help.


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  • Ok. Sorry to say - You have broken the rule! You have given him what he wanted with out the comittment. He got the sex that he wanted and sorry to say you are only a booty call. If he wanted more then he would have taken you out more and done other things.

    If you want to be serious with a guy and have a relationship you need to make them wait before sleeping with them, you need to show them that you are interested, still kiss and cuddle but wait at least a month before sleeping with them. Make sure you go out and do things together, get the comittment then sleep with them.

    If he is not willing to work with you and do the things that you want then he does not want more than a fling and I think he would have said something by now. Also you are asking if you should trust him. This is something you need to know your self, we can not judge the situation your self and also if you are asking this then you clearly do not trust him. You either need to learn to trust him and relax/have fun or move on because the relationship will not last with out trust. Also you have only been together a month. It is still early stages, you are worrying and over analyzing too much. You need to calm down, relax and have fun like you should be instead of worrying like this.

    Also at this stage in a relationship seeing each other once or twice a week max and contacting each other every other couple of days is enough.

    • It's been 2 months and I'm def sure he's more than interested in me. He's done enough for me to know we're moving to a relationship...