Kissing & Hugging--how much is is to much?

I'm sure you guys and ladies know the difference between a kiss here and then, and a little make out session. My question is with the time limit. haha. I know its all about the vibes and how partners are feeling but...

Has anyone gone through any WAY Long awkward experiences?

could be just a guy/girl you have been with.


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  • I'm all for mauling my boyfriend in private, but I can't stand it when people have a huge show of PDA. Teenagers are the worst offenders ever! It's disgusting. How can I enjoy my Starbucks when some 15 year olds are practically having sex with their clothes on in the parking lot?

    A short smooch on the lips and a 5 second hug is where I draw the line. Holding hands is good too. I'm a very physical person, but I respect other people's comfort levels while in public. I even have to tell my best friend (half jokingly) to get a room when she and her boyfriend start crossing the boundaries. Slapping his butt, and kissing for long periods of time. It's awkward and rude. You don't see parents and grandparents walking around doing that...


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  • Well.. it depends if you in public you should keep it too long.. but in private as long as I can.. except if I'm not having sex.. things can get a little heated lol


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  • Well for guys, If you keep on kissing and cuddling for a long time you'll end up with blue balls after a few hours of just making out. And it hurts like hell too.

    So after a few hours, around 2-3 you'll either have to have an orgasm or you'll simply stop with everything you're doing because it will hurt to much.

    Kissing for an extended amount of time gradually leads to sex and it not, it's more like a waste of time and will leave you with blue balls in the end if you don't cum.

    Don't know how long women can do it, I've always gotten the impression that women REALLY like kissing and cuddling so I think they can do it all night without even having sex and still be satisfied lol.

    You should get some girls opinions on this though, it's just what I think.

    Personally I only have 3 kinds of make out sessions:

    - the first kiss, where you make out intensively for a few minutes and then break off to later make out a lil' bit more.

    - The "I'm horny and drunk and wanna get intimate" kiss. Which in my case usually needs allot of alcohol lol.

    - The "Lead to sex" make out where you're basically in an isolated place, make out and remove a piece of clothing every now and then until you're naked and start having sex.

    Oh and you should do a little bit of cuddling after sex as well, since "afterplay" after sex is like the fore play for the next time you have sex with her, so don't get all cold after sex lol.

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