How to deal with dating an airline pilot?

It's a new thing and we get along like two peas in a pod. But he's out of town a lot. He has been out of town for like a month now but we only met four times before he left, now he's back and it's like we have to restart dating again


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  • If you can treat it as a casual relationship, fine. If not, run like the wind. Sorry. I'm an airline employee...

    But wait, I do know one guy who was actually faithful to his wife. But he flew short haul only and was away max one night a month.

    Really sorry about that but it's just too easy for them.

    • All of them? He really doesn't seem like the type. He's actually just a steward, and only doing it to pay back student loans, he went to art school. I said he was a pilot because I figured it was all the same but maybe not. Are stewards slightly better at being faithful?

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    • Yeah I got to see my guy again for like a second last night and he was so sweet but he was gonna jet off for Thanksgiving to New York and he said there was gonna be trouble... I didn't really like how he phrased it. We aren't official and we haven't had sex or even kissed so I can't be mad if he does sleep with someone but it made me nervous!

    • That's not a very nice thing to say to you...hmmm I'd definitely be on my guard with him. Simply bec he has plenty of opportunities and if he's young and single why wouldn't he take advantage?!? Sorry, I don't want to burst your bubble but I just know too many of them.

      And the cute one I saw the other day was certainly extra cute so I know where you're coming from ;)

  • That's why pilots have a hard time holding down a relationship.