Met a guy once and I got angry at him over a text he sent. Should I still give him a chance?

I met a guy recently, I'm 22 and he is 28, and he hasn't stopped texting me and wanting to call me since we first me. The way we met was a bit dodgy, it was in a club. I only spoke to him for less than two minutes and my girlfriend gave my number to him after I refused. He made me upset last night over text, after he mentioned something dirty, and I told him that he can look elsewhere if he is going to behave like that and he said sorry and that he didn't mean it that way. I accepted his apology and he has still been chasing me. I didn't text him all day and he texted me just before saying that I have forgotten about him. I am really testing him. I have never had a relationship and don't want him to think I am like all the other girls he has been with. I guess only time will tell. He is always the first to initiate texts which is nice although the way he was 'testing' me, if you can call it that, wasn't nice. Should I still be giving him a chance?


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  • I don't like the fact that he:

    1) Is in a rush: Life has taught me that when a guy is in a rush, then he isn't going to stick around you for long. When a guy takes his time to know you, then most probably he is going to invest a lot of his emotions and time to be by your side for quite sometime. I wouldn't trust a guy who is in a rush even though he doesn't know you. Don't let him rush you into anything you don't want to do.

    2) said something dirty: I think he wants sex. You are beautiful and young. He might be attracted to you so he is trying to turn you on. Kudos to you for drawing a boundary.

    3) is naggy: I think he is pressuring you which I don't like.

    You might give him a chance if you want, but you have to take care when dealing with him. Don't let him pressure you into doing anything just because "he loves you" or "he has strong feelings for you" or "You make his heart beat". Don't let him fool you by a couple of loving words or a list of sweet gestures. I believe in giving people chances, but taking care of myself. You seem like a wise and smart girl who knows what she wants.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • Very wise words from a very wise and beautiful lady.

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    • I have never even kissed a guy before. I want to know about his history and if he has had too many gf's to even count, I'm gone. I have told him that if he speaks to me like that again I will be gone and he said sorry and that he promises to never speak to me like that again. He made a stupid comment that he can come over and we can have fun. I barely know him. I got really angry and he was shocked with my reaction, but apologized. He has no idea where I live and he said that he is joking.

    • You seem like a smart girl who isn't going to be easily fooled by guys' loving words. But remember that some guys will apologize or turn into any personality you want until he gets what he wants. The trick is to let him wait for quite sometime. If he chooses to wait, then he wants you for love. If not, then he got bored because he knows he can't get what he wants aka sex. You are on the right track. :)

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  • about "testing" thing... I find it just a foolish excuse. I can't say if this guy is after sex or is interested in you in other ways, no one can say that easily. but there are facts... normally a guy goes to clubs and asks for girls numbers when he's looking for fun not for a serious thing. I would say he's interested in your personality but you two barely know each other so the chances go for the fact that he's interested in your beauty and body that can be a good thing depend on what your mind is about that ( I know that you're after something serious ). best advice I can give is that keep on what you're doing. in fact you're doing perfect. show him what you want and what you don't want and that you're not easy. sooner or later you'll know what he wants from you.

  • Maybe a little bit more but be careful. He may just be a sexual person but may be a player.

    • Thanks a lot!

    • You are welcome and always trust your gut unless you believe yourself to be a naive person. Best of luck to you

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  • You should have a serious talk with your GF. She broke a major code

    As for the guy, I don't like the sound of any of it.

    Besides he is too old for you.

    I'm glad to see you have boundries

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