Guy sends me mixed messages?! HELP!

hi everyone, basically I have been talking to this guy for a couple of months now, we go to the same school but just in different year groups. We have only spoken through texting but he opens up to me and tells me everything, sort of leads me on. here's how he sends me mixed messages, some days I will message him like normal and he will reply and we will have a really long conversation but some days he just reads the message and ignores them? he blames this on the fact that he has to do jobs around the house or is out with mates but he still enjoys talking to me...

my mate started talking to him the other day (my phone broke) and every time she mentioned my name he seemed to react well and he sent winky faces? he has recently said that he wants to get drunk with me and my mate and his mate and he seems really up for it yet when I see him around school he is aware that I am there but avoids eye contact? I'm slightly confused HELP!


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  • He is just an immature man and should not suggest getting drunk with you. Ignore him and quit texting or you're never going to figure any of this out. People do that on purpose and it gives them a power over you so if you don't care then just go ahead let him keep doing that to you. It was good your phone broke. Try throwing it away. You'll be way ahead. Believe me. I know.


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