Why has he suddenly started showing less interest?

We used to text every day at every minute, he just showed so much interest. He always started conversation too. He still texts me "Good morning" and "good night" but he doesn't make conversation whatsoever. Whenever I try to start conversation and text him he just replies "yeah" "lol". Okay, so maybe he's busy. But it's been a few days now... and he used to talk to me all the time, no matter HOW busy he was. What is he playing at


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  • I don't know why it's so .. but happened to me too, and in such situations I also stop writing to boy and wait for hsi initiative, or respond in similar way ( if he won't change, then we stop texting.. but it only means he didn't care that much so why I need such boy?)

    but better than texting is meeting, he may be bored with texting, you just meet with him and do something cool together then I'm sure it will be much better :)