Should I or should I not?

Okay. Here is my dilemma:

I am a girl who has practically fallen in love with this boy at my school. we talk and text but not very often. he is super sweet and we usually meet up if he wants some dessert that I often bring to school for my friends. he asked me to go to his soccer game (which I am going to!) and I wanted me to be "part of his memory". anyways, I get so many multiple signals it's not even funny. We are semi comfortable with each other how we he does stammer and becomes shy when around me unlike with other girls I'm confident he likes me back however when we set up dates he ether cancels or just can't go on them and I believe his friends think we are dating and he usually doesn't answer my texts! but when he does answer them he is super sweet. Anyways I want to know if it's too early to actually date him and if it's okay if I ask him first Because he never texts me first sadly... =\ anyways I'd really like to know because I've had a very bad experience with guys in the past so I don't want to get hurt again ^_^" okay? THANKS! :D


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  • It does sound like he likes you. He may be so nervous that he can't get himself to actually follow through with the dates. The best advice for situations like this is to just talk to him. Ask if he likes you, tell him you like him. Figure out why he has been cancelling dates. Best way to not get hurt is to not assume anything.

  • You are infatuated with him not in love with him. You are under 18 so its pretty obvious.


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