Is he trying or is he just playing?

Four years ago I was dating this guy and very early on I found out I was pregnant, I finished things and tried to get my head round the pregnancy. I recontacted him when I was four months , told him the news and said I wanted to be friends.

He was a good dad ect.. spent loads of time with our child etc. to add we weren't intimate or even dating just friends.

when she was a year he went AWOL and stopped seeing her, never calling down to see her or anything, he lost his license almost lost his business.

When she was about eighteen months, I was out one night and bumped into him we argued, and somehow we hooked up.

We ended up dating at the start it was good however he was drinking a lot and being a crap father so after a few months I eventually ended things. That was two years ago, eight months ago he started seeing our daughter again, and since last month he has been pressing me to start seeing him again, he calls round twice a week at the moment and so far nothing has happened other than a kiss.

At the weekend I decided to nose through his messages as while I am considering trying again not just for our child but I genuinely like the guy and get on really well with him, well I found messages from another girl who from the sounds of it has to be a girlfriend or someone that he is dating.

So what do I do now?

Do I say to him or not?

Part of me wonders is he keeping his options open till he knows where we stand, in which case I should prob just keep tabs on it as we are not dating and therefore is hasn't really done anything wrong yet.

or is he planning on going with me and remaining with her?

advice please :)


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  • Him trying to be a father to his child doesn't necessarily mean he's looking for a relationship with the child's mother. You shouldn't be snooping around and reading private messages.

    • Sorry as I said in my post he has been asking me to start seeing him again, as in to begin dating.

  • Only a parental guardian will raise a child properly.


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