How did break ups happen 50 years ago? How did dating work?

I feel like with modern technology breakups have become even more difficult... you can read that person's fb, you can call them or text them any time on your phone etc.

I wonder how it worked in the past. Did people just break up and not talk? Was it easier since you couldn't look at their fb pages or look over their texts a bunch? Maybe it was easier to heal?

Did people date just to date? Or did they only date to marry back then? I frequently wonder what it was like...

Nowadays a girl can complain she's not in contact with her guy 24/7... but back then, it was impossible. Maybe that has made girls needier, idk.

How did dating and breakups work back then!? I'm so curious!


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  • Long time ago there were no break ups . Because most people stayed virgins until the got married , so if you were in a relationship it was likely you were going to get married .(I asked my father )


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