Was I wrong, am I crazy? He threatened to put a restraining order out on me.

So me and the guy I was dating(for a year! And he was my 1st) broke up. He broke up through a text message! Yes a text message after I told him doing something like that would hurt me and he knew it would not go down well.

Anyways Am I crazy for being mad? Am I crazy for texting him. I believe we broke up three weeks ago and I haven't texted him everyday and I mostly just texted him asking what did I do? Was it someone else? Why would you want to hurt me? I also sent him a nice letter pretty much letting him know I felt he was a better and bigger guy, and breaking up via text(at 29 almost 30 in DEC) was beneath him.(even he said the letter was nice). Anyways so it has been three weeks and I really was hoping he would come to his senses and at least call me and apologize about the way he ended things. So I did something crazy I called him a whole bunch of times(just this once, not once have I called him since he broke up with me) I was just mad he sent me over the edge he made me feel like **** like I was worthless and like her threw me away. Like I wasn't good enough for a real break-up.

On another note he does most likely have a drinking problem and I find it strange that he started drinking more again after his dui probation which was in September which also correlates to this whole break up thing. Not only that he hasn't given me one straight answer on why he broke up with me. He just keeps saying things he thinks sounds nice like "bad timing" and "that is life" "deal with it" "you're immature I don't think you were ready for a mature relationship"(says the man who broke up via text, spends more time playing golf than he would with any woman, like things his way, can never apologize, still gets drunk like he is 21, the list goes on and on). Etc Etc crap that he knows I know is a lie and doesn't make any sense anyways.

I mentioned he might have a drinking problem and he flipped out on me twice when I mentioned it, called me evil, immature, etc, etc.

Now I totally agree he isn't ready for a relationship with anyone and yes we did need to take a break I don't want no man who needs fixing and expects me to fix it.(I think he kind of knew that). But at the time we got together it seemed he wanted to change but some where along the line he fell off(maybe it was me, although I tried to positive, give him his space, let him do his own thing).

Was I wrong, am I crazy? Am I psycho? He threatened to put a restraining order out on me but I didn't threaten him I didn't even say anything really mean to him but to be a man and grow up, and just handle this situation like a man.


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  • He had no commitment to you, so breaking up via text didn't seem odd to him. It sounds like you, frankly misread him as someone ready for a serious relationship, when he clearly is not in the mental state for that. Hopefully his drinking isn't a symptom of some serious mental disorder, and he just hasn't grown up yet. Hopefully.

    If anyone Is psycho, it's him.

    These days everyone threatens restraining orders on people who even just criticize them, since they can't handle the criticism.

  • He is an immature jerk and he loves the attention you are giving him. You need to move on from this boy and find yourself a good man.


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