Should I text him or is that desperate?

Okay, went out with this guy the other week. Things went well. I spoke to him the other day and he suggested we meet up on the weekend. He said he had some other stuff to do, and for me to give him a call around 12. I told him since he didn't really know when he would be done it would be better if he called me. He said yeah. I never heard from him. That was 5 days ago, and its gone from hearing from him every second day to nothing at all.

I don't know why he wouldn't have called on the weekend. The only possible explanation I have, is that we where on Skype with a bit of a bad connection. Do you think its possible he missed me telling him to call me and was expecting me to call him, and ended up thinking I wasn't interested? Should I text him or leave it for him to chase me? I did kinda like him, but it wasn't going to last ages anyway as he's only here on exchange for another 10 months.


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  • We men a very interesting creatures when it comes to talking on the phone. There are sometimes where we can do it as if we were teenage girls who just got their first cell and then there are times where we will use the phone like we're in jail. (I've never been, just making a mataphorical joke.)

    What I will say to you is this...Life is short and don't sweat the small stuff. If a decision won't matter 20 years from now than try your best not to lose sleep over it. Just call. Guys like to be called too. z

    But if you call more than 2-3 times and haven't gotten through AND he hasn't returned your call...then worry. By 2-3 times I mean spread across 2-3 days. Don't call 3 times in 10 minutes and say "he hasn't returned my calls!" That will make you look "desperate". Unless it's an emergency. In which case you should leave a voice mail marked urgent but I couldn't imagine where a guy that you're in the "phone call" part of a relationship would be an emergency contact.

    One more rule of thumb: Men usually actively pursue someone they are really into, a phone call wouldn't be an issue. But it should be noted... that could also vary by personality, nationality, and how much they work.

    • So you're saying if he's interested, he would have called?

    • More than likely he would've. But that's not a definitive answer. It varies from guy to guy. It's also a holiday season and being in the 18-24 range I would assume he's in school. It also depends on how he perceives conversation with you and also how he perceives his ability to hold a decent conversation. I'm a confident guy, I think, and on too many occassions even I have hesitated to call someone because I was unsure if I had something interesting to say that they would want to hear.

    • hmm your're right. I think Ill leave it. Thanks for your answer.

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  • Not to be mean but if he was really interested he would be blowing you up. But sometimes guys will get curious and text you again to see if you want to hang out, so just wait on him.

    • Exactly one of the reasons why I've been tossing up whether to chase him or not...Thanks for your answer!