Talking about kissing?

Short question for both guys and girls:

Would you talk about the topic of kissing with someone you are not romantically/sexually interested in?

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  • Depends on who it is (e.g.: a close, longtime friend, etc)
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  • The question should be more relatable if you meant talking about lissing with someone of the opposite gender. in that case, It depends on what kind of environment you grew up in and how close you got to year friends later. I come up from an environment where public display of physical affection is considered a taboo. We still don't do it outside out bedrooms and NEVER in front of our kids or anyone else.


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  • No. If I talk about 1,2,3 or 4th base with a girl It is probably because I would like to do that with them. It doesn't however mean that I would neccesarily want a relationship with them though.

  • I voted 'A' cause I will and have :)

  • Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I?

    • I thought that some people wouldn't want want to because they don't want to send out the wrong signals or something.

      THamls for the input :)

    • * Thanks

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