Brotherly love, unbrotherly competition... the battle of the shy guy?

I'm hanging out at a charity function with my (younger) friend. As soon as I walked in, this tall, handsome, shy/nerdy sort of guy catches my eye. he looks, eyebrows raised a sec, then looks away. He's wearing his professorial tweed and doesn't look anything like the much younger hipsters trolling the event as though it were a singles bar. I smile briefly because he actually looks familiar, but I can't quite place him. His kid brother shows up, all crackle and sizzle (the "hip" version of his brother), and introduces himself to my friend. He chats us both up with a very energetic sort of chatter while the older brother nurses his first drink and steals quiet glances at me, grinning when I make some sarcastic remark (or tell the young man to breathe and forget work a little since we're at an after-hours sort of party). My friend points out that the younger brother needs a drink, hinting, of course, that she'd like some time alone with the older one, who complies and stays put a while.

The young man chats me up, buys me a drink, though I was still nursing my first one, and asks for the story of my life, telling me his (and his brother's) along the way, blurting out his personal philosophy and a bit more than I needed to know about his taste in women. He was all smiles, eager to exchange contact information when his brother and my friend joined us.

The brother still had the same drink in hand. I teased him about it and offered for him to taste mine (the one his brother had purchased, which I wouldn't be able to finish). He obliged me by finishing the drink and using mine as "a chaser". As my friend and I were leaving he offered me his card; when my friend asked for it, he pointed at me and suggested she get his information it from me. My friend and I looked at each other.

He shuffled for an awkward second and suggested we all get together again the next day. Each of us did the polite European hug in parting, but for some reason I instinctively kissed the older guy on the cheek. Raised eyebrows again. I thought that was so cute...

The younger brother texted me most of the evening, making sure I'd join them the following day. Suddenly a very crass text and another from him saying that someone had taken the phone from him and sent the offensive text. I didn't answer the offensive text, just warned agains drunk texting...

"Are you home yet?" (text) I got a few times after that. I answered when I finally got home. Minutes later, I got a very polite message from the older brother; we actually knew each other from an online professional blog and didn't realize it till we swapped cards and he looked me up.

My question:

(1) Is the older brother interested?

(2) Why would he let his brother chat me up all evening, allow him to make a spectacle of himself (texting all evening), then swoop in like that?

(3) Why would he sabotage his brothers texts just to make himself look good? Perhaps that's their "game plan" to make sure the shy one gets dates?


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  • 1. Older bro & you have a connection, each has selected the other over other "offers"

    2. Older couple's history told one night was that he (Scorpio) would get his friend to date prospects first, then move in and date them. "It's the only way", says he - I assume it's because he gets the low down, easy in roads & beachheads to employ later on; older bro eves dropping is another way to gain such 411. It's also less work, fast tracking, one doesn't reveal too much, good tools for the meek.

    3. It's not clear in this story who really sent the crass text, except it originated from young bro phone. I would guess it's author is young bro (assuming he drank more than older bro in story) and would be more active in probing your dirty play side, if any. No response made young bro crawfish and coverup, as he did not put a name to the crass author. I am reading further that older bro methodically, plodded through his SOP at home and after research sent you a text, in case you had already retired. He doesn't have a game plan WITH younger bro, he just knows how to cherry pick what he wants out of younger bros catches of the day.

    • (3) But YoungerB only picked me + my friend; he didn't get a lot of action out of the evening (though he could have). OlderB swooped in after nefarious texts from YoungerB (who apologized for the nasty txt, claiming his phone was swiped from him for a few secs).

      (2) But wasn't OlderB interested in MY FRIEND if he was away from us, chatting with her while YoungerB plied me with questions?

      (1) Yes, that was clear, but only because we were the matching his-&-hers nerds of the crowd.

    • 1. I think there's more to the attraction than THAT, silly goose

      2. OlderBro didn't choose to be alone with your friend, she suggested this tet-a-tet and you ran the interference in this story ... I am reading that right?

      3. YoungerBro picks everyone in this story, then tries to cull them out later = his MO. OlderBro takes, his time, does his research, then selects who & what to do about all that. I really wonder if there's any connection at all to what YoungerBro does

    • You're right... Oh my!

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