Facebook protocal...posting text messages as pictures to punish someone?

Last night I saw a guy/girl who are ex's going at it on Facebook because he texted her telling her to stop trying to interfere in his relationship with his new girlfriend and basically cussed her out and called her immature. She took pictures of it with her Iphone and posted it on Facebook. She said if he didn't want everyone to see it he shouldn't have said it.

Reading through the text I found that she was in the wrong. yes he cussed at her and told her to stay out of his life and his business but nowhere did he, imo, cross any lines of threatening her or anything that I thought he needed to be "outed" for being disrespectful to her on Facebook. There was really no way for him to handle it gracefully and they ended up getting into it again in the comments under the picture.

when do you think this type thing is warranted or is it ever? and if it's done to you how the heck do you handle it?


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  • It shouldn't ever be done. It's nobodies business on what goes on between 2 people unless they want to involve their friends/family. But if it's done, I think you can go to Facebook and report it to see if it can be taken down. The line should be though, never post on Facebook, or somewhere where others can read it, and turn on the other person. Right or wrong, they could ruined on finding someone else to be with because of it.

    • that's kinda how I feel too. I was threatened once by a guy through text and it never even occurred to me to put it on Facebook for the world to see.

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  • It's such bad form to take your private affairs to Facebook. It's something that really gets indie me. There is absolutely no need to publish your enemies. It's just a way of drawing attention to it, and hopefully turning people against them. It's among the most vile acts of malice.

    • Also, in relation to threats; I've been receiving death threats for the past 4 months on Facebook, which show no signs of letting up. I'd never make that public - that's legally bad for you, see. That's an aggressive action. I save it all, with times and dates already printed on it. Screenshots. I have it all in a little file, along with his girlfriend - and at a time, my lover, the reason for the death threats - accounts of his abuse. If I ever hear he does something to her, *ever*, I give---

    • them to my attorney, my attorney gives them to the police, and they put it on his file. I don't press charges, I don't make noise about it, he doesn't even know. The second someone in office hears about abuse between them, and he checks him out, he sees he's got a tremendous history. And that's him, man. I've got enough to put him away for ten years. It's a little ticking time bomb - I won't force it on her, but if she ever wants to take action, she's got all the credence she needs.


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  • I think it's very immature and a bad idea. If anything, she is making herself look bad. I have gotten rude messages before but I would never post them for people to see. Obviously, he said the things to her in private or else he would have made it public.

    • IA I was embarrassed for my sex when I saw it... :\ it was really petty

    • Yeah, I have seen things similar like that too. :/ I'm like "REALLY!?"