Should I text him...again?

Saturday night I went to a party. In less than 10 minutes of me being in there a really handsome guy came up and started dancing with me. After the song was over I kinda walked away yet we kept running into each other throughout the remainder of the party. Finally, the party ends and my friend and I go to the car. He and his friend are outside as well and they continue trying to get closer to the car. Eventually they come up to the car and he says " I was wanting to talk to you" to me to make a long story short we exchanged numbers and I told him to call me sometime. Well I got kinda impatient and I didn't want him to feel like he was being too aggressive if he were to call me so quickly after we met so I texted him first, we talked for a bit, but then he didn't reply to the last message I sent (talking about what we wanted to do in the future). I'm really interested in getting to know him, but I don't want to seem like a pest. Of course, he could've forgotten to text back or maybe he thought he text back or whatever. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I was just going to say something like "Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving (;" or something and see what happens. So should I text him first again or just wade it out? (Which is hard...)


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  • things like "Happy Thanksgiving" I think is a natural 'given'. It isn't starting a conversation, yet it's not stopping one. I think it's a great idea to randomly send him a text like that. It shows your a 'holiday activist' and a positive upbeat person.

    If he texts back, great. If he doesn't, no big deal. You were just saying Happy Thanksgiving to friends.


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  • You can text him happy Thanksgiving, but otherwise, let it go. If he thinks about you, he'll text you.

  • have you heard from him yet?

    • yes, I said happy Thanksgiving and we were talking for a while and he texted me last night and this morning too thanks


  • how many days gone by since your last text?

    wait it out , or else you won't get your answer lol.

    plus your not a pest, you can ask what ever you want, if this is you, then he will get to know you. and if he don't mind it, he will continue chatting.

    if he does mind you asking questions, then maybe he isn't the one for you.

    dont text again.. just let it be, if he wants to say have a happy thanks giving, then let him.

    if he doesn't, then you won't look bad either for not saying it.

    • the last text was Monday