Scandinavian girls, would you date men from middle eastern background ?

All girls are welcome to answer of course. It would be nice to leave a comment as well. Anonymous or not.

Basically , I am single now after a long term relationship (5 years). I live in Scandinavia . But I am also curious about opinions from all the world. When a decent looking arab man approaches you respectfully and wants to get to know you and date you . Is his race a deal breaker? why and why not?


  • I give all men a chance if they are polite and well groomed.
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  • No. I have a racial preference that won't change.
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  • Depends on factors that I will mention in the comment section below.
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  • I love arab men they are sexy and I seem to attract them easily which is good for me lol they are fussy as well here I am in a relationship with a kuwaiti now for 7 years he is the best guy I from nz

    • Awesome! you give me hope :)

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  • Okay, while the other girls were complete bitches..

    I have racial preferences. It's based more on appearance than anything because I do not generalize all people into categories based others.

    Middle eastern men are not my type physically. I don't know why, they just aren't.

    Two of my friends are dated men of a middle eastern background, and they love them and are fine and (TO THE BITCHES SAYING SHIT ABOUT ARABS), they get treated wonderfully.

    While that culture is not my physically preference, if some one came from there and treated me right and had a wonderful personality, I could see myself falling in love or dating them.

    • Makes sense. Than you for your comment.

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    • Louisee speaks the truth, best answer! To all the other girls hating on her and think all Arabs are terrorists/religious extremists, it's girls like you who contribute to the ever declining quality of young women. There needs to be more louiseees around!

    • Thanks Louisee.. I am not discouraged. I had two long lasting relationships with two wonderful ladies. One was from the US but born and raised in Scandinavia and one from Europe. Both were Caucasian and both are still my dear friends. .. none of them ended in any way bad . I am confident that I can make a girl happy an secure. No matter where she is from.


  • I have the image in my head that if I date an arab man, there's an expectation on his side that I will become a moslem some time in the future, or live a life according to islamic law, which I already chose not to follow. all arab men I know are moslems and their view toward life is totally different from mine.

    So, yeah, I choose not to date an arab man. not because of his race but more because of his values (I know there must be exception, but statistically speaking, exception is rare).

    No offense. I try to respect all people in general but when it comes to personal relationship, I'm picky.

    • Makes sense. No offence taken . Thank you for your answer.

  • My ex was palastinian, he was hot

  • I Know nothing of the background of arab kind of guys, but if he aproached me and seem normal and was kind and funny and out going and respectful.

    i'd judge the situation like any other situation when I meet guys, are they worth my time?.

    do they have an attitude or temp? if they do, BAM YOUR OUTTA HERE.

    if I can be polite, kind and never start arguements, and when crazy stuff happens and I can control my emotions and temp, I expect a man to be stronger then i, otherwise he would seem more like the women.

    so would I date such a guy? yes if he is what I'm looking for.

  • I rather be single and masturbate.

    I would date any other race before an Arab.

    • Wow, that's a really rude comment louiseee, so far you are the only person on here who is calling names. Grow up.

    • Hi.. no problems... may I ask if you are from Scandinavia by any chance ?

    • There is a lot of harassment coming from this user louiseee, name calling. These comments are so negative. It's true I would never date an Arab, it's honestly not a race or culture that I ever wish to date at any point ever.

  • Beautiful blond and blue eyes girls should date Scandinavian men and keep making beautiful children.

    I would never date an Arab because they come from a culture that sets women on fire for ruining a mans reputation and garbage like that. No way.

    Drop a dump truck of rocks on a woman.

    Never ever never would a date one. Not only because they are horribly violent and hateful of women but also because they are not attractive at all. Too hairy.


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