Should I be concerned?

So been texting one of my friends a lot lately. Her and I talk everday, but not all day. Today I had to go eat dinner and the conversation went as follows:

"I have to go eat dinner, text after or call it a day?"

"Call it a day"

"Ok. Sorry if I am getting on your nerves..."

"No its fine"

"Ok. Enjoy your evening"

"I will"

Her and I have known each other a few years and this happens a lot. She hasn't gotten much sleep lately because of Thanksgiving cooking. Should I be concerned? The conversation was good before saying bye, we even joked about the victorias secret show she was watching. I think I should not be concerned and just assume she got a rush of tiredness...


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  • I have a friend like you, and you're probably right, the day's probably gotten to her... However, she might be annoyed at the conversation's end in general. In any case, why don't you just ask her what was wrong?

    • Could you clarify what you mean by "the conversations end in general". If you are refferring to the victorias secret thing, all I said was that it probably wasn't a good idea for guys to watch.

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