A break-up without a breakup

I've been dating a lady whom I met around Labor Day. She's 42 and I'm 44. We're both divorced and have kids the same age. On our 3rd date, she confided in me that she was bipolar and was scared that I wouldn't be interested in her because my ex wife was bp and it affected our marriage a lot. For almost 3 months things couldn't have been better. We immediately started meeting for dinner dates and a concert and had great times every time. We made love passionately two nights during the week after almost 2 months of dating and she said she wanted to stay in the next time we got together so we could just make love all day and night. We spoke for hours the next two days and nights & all seemed great. Then she stopped contact except for a few brief texts and short emails and no calls. She even took a call from my child's phone and acted as if she couldn't hear me? She texted me that we would talk, (never called),made no mention of being depressed/BP and said "This is not personal, I promise". I texted and called a few more times but to no avail. I did reach a friend of hers who told me she had spoken with and seen her and that she was fine, no issues, just that she was a very independent person and to let her contact me. Question: is she through with me and also, thos happened when I am going through the terminal illness with my mother. Is this salvageable?


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  • all I'm feeling that she used you for sex... and when you gave it to her she's gone... or she just really busy.. just give her time and if she don't message you in like 3 weeks delete her # out your phone and I really thing the next 3 or 4 days may be a week that's when she want to hook up again ... always happens to me.

    • Thanks for the response. It took us 2 months to actually have sex but it was quite hot and far from boring. I'm just so confused about why no contact as we made further plans, they fell through but no arguments, no "we're through". No "official" breakup, just silence. Weird?

    • she probably confuced and found someone else she probably don't want to hurt your feelings.

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