A possible stalking question about a guy posting on a dating site I'm on?

Im a bus driver and couple years back this guy used to ride my bus and hit on me, fast forward to about 7 months ago, he's obviously on the dating site I'm on and has sent me 2 messages, one saying why won't I go out with him, the one that bothers me is the one he sent today, I guess he must have seen me going into a convience store and at the bus depot, although I didn't see him? But he commented on how he liked my "big titties" at the Kwik shop and at the bus depot.

Is this stalking, or am I just being paranoid?


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  • Forward all and any pertinent information to the proper authorities let them sort it out. If you even have to ask, then it shows that it is harassing you enough for you to seek out a cure or answer. Better safe then sorry. There are a lot of weirdos out there.

    • thanks for your answer but I wouldn't know who the "proper authorities" are. At this point I'm not TOO concerned,but I'm going to monitor if he does anything else. I just wanted someone elses opinion on whether it seemed harassing or not. thanks again

  • sounds like stalking to me... id tell him right away that he needs to stop cause its making you unvomftable and if he doesn't you will go to the police...

    • thanks for the answer, Ill keep my guard up, but I never see the guy, but he must be seeing me..

    • thats kinda scary...

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