How to spot the wrong woman early?

I've got a dating track history that would bring a tear to a glass eye. Lol

Basically I have a couple of tendencies that seem to be causing a bad pattern. Basically I'm afraid to pursue women I am attracted to and have a tendency to fall in love quickly when a woman picks me up.

The only problem is that the women who have picked me up tend to be controlling or needy etc, but I'm stupid enough to fall in love with them anyway. It obviously goes badly from there!

Im just about divorced from a woman who used me pretty badly. I'm ready to date again and wondering how I stop myself from being so bloody stupid again?


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  • It's very hard to spot the wrong woman in the initial stages of dating, because it''s common practice that a person will show the best part of their personality and character when they're interested in you. Some will change the interests or answers to match yours, some will ignore habits that they don't agree with, so it's pretty much a wait and see game.

    However, the are a few signs to look for to determine if she's clingy or controlling. Clingy women usually feel that they are not whole unless they're in a relationship or through another person. Their insecurity is likely due to failed relationships. Nonetheless, they are a few signs that one should look out for. Constantly questioning you, trying to intrude on every aspect of your life and needing to control it, and phoning you often throughout the day are potential signs that a woman may be clingy or controlling.

    My suggestion, set the tone early by not being at a woman's beck and call, and making it clear that you have a another side of your life that you must keep. If she isn't clingy and controlling, then she'll won't have a an issue with accepting your other interests and will happily compromise.


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  • I don't think there is a sure fire way to tell who is right for you. That is what dating is for, to find out if your compatible with someone or not. You simply need to stop having feelings so quickly and get to know them first. I know it will be hard to do as all self change is hard, but if you want future success in your relationships this is a pattern with in yourself you must change. Good women are attracted to confidence in a man, women who have there act together and know what they want and need want a man that has the same thing, and a man who is confident. So work on not falling so hard right away and work on your self confidence and that will help your future relationships alot.


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  • How do you know they control you?

    There is no way to know that, I mean I cannot say woo she is controlling by the way she looks. The only way to do that is by the stuff they say or by the way they act.