Ex girlfriend text me out of the blue after 2 years

The text message itself was kind of questionable she said, "Ryan (a friend) is in the bar I work at right now! Thought I would say hi and see how you are :)". We've known each other sense middle school and dated on and off again briefly for 15yrs. The last time got serious tho, meaning she broke off her engagement for me. I got into trouble trying to afford her bills which I had felt responsible for when she kicked her ex out. She ended it, refusing to speak to me. That was 2 years ago, and haven't spoke sense. I write her once and a great while.. small things letting her know I Care for her, but rarely get a reply.. if/when its not telling me if she does, or not. She is engaged @ the moment and I've been a new relationship, and haven't wrote her for seven months sense the engagement. Giving up I guess. -I just don't know what to think of the message, there's no one I would wanna be with more in this world..but more or less she was probably just being nice but who the hell knows: I haven't even texted her back I am clueless about what to say back I know it should be somewhat short but I don't wanna seem eager or give her some overbearing impression


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  • It just seems like a random pointless text to be honest.You wouldn't send something like that to someone you haven't heard from in half a year.sounds like there is some hidden reason behind it,what that is is anyone's guess


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