When the girl chooses the date

I met up with a girl, we each had a friend with us but it was just to chat and get to know each other not a date, instead we spoke for less than 5mins and she already had plans to go to the casino and asked if we wanted to come. She was attractive but gave off an unfeminine vibe like she was calling the shots.

Assuming you are only looking for something more than friends, is this an okay situation, my gut instinct gave me the impression she wasn't interested.


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  • Just see how things go. And if you keep getting the impression she isn't interested, then yeah your guts seriously trying to tell you something.


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  • There is nothing wrong about an attractive girl who is confident about herself and choose to have a more agressive approach, she made an effort to invite you to join in a fun activity.

    I would say don't be hung up stupid gender sterotype and call a cofident gal unfeminine.

    Instead enjoy the ride I would say, you may have more fun.

    Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Well I didn't mean unfeminine as a bad thing, its just not encouraging when its coupled with non sexual behavior .

      Its the wrong atmosphere and she wanted to go out in public when we barely knew each other and with a friend so I couldn't foresee anything romantic happening.

    • Due to reasons best known to her, she seems interested but wants to take it at a pace to get to know you in a setting such that both of you can easily walk away if you choose to, so may be she is just looking for friends at this time & if something develops from there, she may be open minded but not ready to jump in romantic mode right away, but if you need to speed up the process & want to switch gears straight to romantic right now, may be you need to reach out & explain what you intend.!

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