Is he only texting me because my Facebook status said I was with other guys?

The guy I like and have been hooking up with I decided to end things with because the joy it caused wasn't worth the repercussions and I didn't see it going anywhere. I'm a virgin and he's much more experienced and I just saw myself getting hurt in the end. Anyways every time were drunk we text each other. Like the other day I told him how sick this concert I was at and he responded that he wished he was there dancing with me so bad.

Anyways I went home for Thanksgiving and I posted a status about being with my old guy friends. A little after he texted asking what I was doing for Thanksgiving knowing I was home. It was two in the morning.

Is this only because he's worried about other guys?


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  • Could be. Could also be that he was drunk. Could be a mixture of both. No one knows but him and he is the only one that is going to know unless you talk to him about it.


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